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These are the tools that I use or have used. They are my favorites and ones that I can confidently recommend. I compiled this list as a resource for people looking for my recommendations.

Bosch Axial Glide 12" Miter Saw

Extremely nice and accurate saw.

SkilSaw Circular Saw

I tested several top circular saws and this was my favorite. The base and frame don't twist like others. 

Milwaukee Drill/Driver Set

My go-to!

Super powerful and smooth. Great battery life. 

DeWalt Jig Saw

I have been very pleased with this Jig Saw. Its very powerful and has lots of features. 

Bosch Router with Combo Base

Great router, pleanty of power, and comfortable/easy to use. 

Router Edge Guide

Super useful accessory for the router. 

Porter Cable Biscuit Jointer

Really helpful in large glue ups>

Milwaulkee Sawzall

The gold standard of reciprocating saws.

Dremel Tool

Great mutli-functional tool for small detailed work.

Bosch Random Orbital Sander

Great dust collection and low vibration. 

DeWalt Corded Drill

This is a beast for tasks that need a lot of torque. 

Milwaukee Cordless Kit

Pretty much all you need in one kit. 

Major Power Tools

SawStop Table Saw

The Saw I'm saving for. Incredible qualty and the safety features are priceless. 


Band Saw

Super nice band saw. Add the 6" riser block and there is not much it cannot do. My favor power too in the shop.

Nova Lathe

I recently used one of these and it was really nice. Its on my list to buy. 

Powermatic 8" Jointer

A lot of good options out there, but this is the jointer I would buy if I could. 

DeWalt Planer

Not the biggest and best but this little planer is a beast. Its nice because you can store it out of the way too.

Jet Dust Collection

Im just getting my dust collection figured out and this is a nice unit for a small shop like mine. 

JET Air Filtration

Keeping your lungs healthy is a must and this does a great job helping accomplish that 

I have used and own a variety of brands and am not loyal to any one brand. When buying battery operated tools I would recommend going with a single brand across all those tools so that you can interchange batteries easily and seemlessly. For cordless tools I can confidently recommend Milwaulkee, Makita, DeWalt, and Ridgid as the best brands across a variety of tools. For corded tools some brands do better in one area than others. An example would be Skilsaw, they make a really good circular saw, but I will stay away from most of their other tools. 

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