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These are the tools that I use or have used. They are my favorites and ones that I can confidently recommend. I compiled this list as a resource for people looking for my recommendations.

Sony A7iii

My Primary Camera. Extremely good auto focus and low light capabilities. Outstanding video quality!

Sony Zeiss 24-70 Lense

This is my primary lense. It has really fast and quiet auto focus. Incredible clarity!

Sony 50mm Marco Lense

The lens I use for my all my super close up macro shots. 

Zhiyun Crane 2 Gimbal

This Gimbal lets me get super smooth hand held shots and cinematic motion. 

Rode Wireless Lav

This is my primary lav mic for doing all of my on camera talking shots. Nice clear quality audio.

Parrot Teleprompter

I can use this with my phone to get professional concise talking heads shots rather than just trying to wing it. 

Canon T6i Video Creator Kit

My secondary camera, its pretty easy to learn and use. Great quality pictures and video. The mic is ok. 

Canon 50mm Lense

The lense I use for most close up shots. Crystal clear!

Canon 24mm Lense

My newest lense. I use for most wide angle shots as well as close-ups. Very clear and lets in a lot of light.

Promaster Tripod w/ Ballhead

Carbon fiber tripod that is very strong and lightweight. 

Neewer Steadycam

What I use to get smooth shots when I am moving with the camera. These take some practice. 

Motorized Camera Slider

I use this to add motion to the shots for really cinematic effects.

3Pod Pistol Grip TriPod Head

Makes adjusting shots way faster than the traditional fluid head. Takes manfrotto quick release plates.

Quick Release Plates

I bought several of these to make switching my camera around much easier. Life savers.

Soft Boxes

What I use for low light shooting.

Adobe Creative Cloud

My video and photo editing software. You can pay monthy as well. 

Wired Lav Mic

Wireless lav mics are super expensive so I use this wired one for intros and voice over. Great sound quality.

Shotgun Mic

A highly rated affordable powered shotgun mic. Better sound quality than the Rode Video Mic Go. 

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