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These are the tools that I use or have used. They are my favorites and ones that I can confidently recommend. I compiled this list as a resource for people looking for my recommendations.

Arm r Seal Varnish

One of my favorite topcoats. Incredibly durable and doesnt give a fake plastic look.

Danish Oil

Another one of my favorite oil/varnish blends for when you really want to bring the grain to life. 

Tru Oil

Another oil/varnish blend traditionally used for gun stocks, but is amazing on any furniture.

Pipe Clamps

Pipe clamps are great for large glue ups. A ton of pressure and affordable. Just add them to some 3/4' pipe.

Quick Clamps

Super useful for all sorts of small jobs.

Bar Clamps

Lighter weight than pipe clamps but extremely strong and easy to use.

Card Scrapers and Burnisher

Finish tough grain wood without tearout. Also great for scraping glue.

Woodpecker T-Square

Love this thing, super accurate and solid. 

Woodpecker 6" Square

A great size for joinery layout.

Incra Percision 6" T-rule

Incra 12" Percision Rule

Percision holes in the rule to get perfect measurements. 

Fine Mechanical Pencils

I love these for fine layout marking and drafting.

Heavy Mechanical Pencil


For more rough layout.

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