About the Third Coast Craftsman

January 4, 2018

Hello there! First and foremost thanks so much for stopping by! My name is Chris and I live in the beautiful state of Michigan (home of the Great Lakes and the Third Coast).  I am a lover of designing and building furniture with a special fondness of using handtool. I have taken my journey and craft to the internet and YouTube in hopes to share some knowledge, entertain, and inspire others. My goal is to someday make this process of building things and making videos my full time job.


I first started woodworking when I was back in middle school when I asked my Grandpa to help me build a fishing pole rack. My Grandap was a very respected builder and master woodworker and I would go over to his shop every so often to work on different projects and learn from him. He was the greatest man I ever knew and my hero; he passed away Christmas of 2015 and since he passed I have taken the knowledge and principles I learned from him and embarked on my own woodworking journey in his honor. I began to acquire my own tools and developed my own style and passion. On this journey is where I fell in love with hand tools and traditional techniques. 



I decided to start the whole "YouTube" thing and begin creating content to share in February 2017. It was a rude awaking and many months and countless hours of hard work before I started having any success. I am very excited for what the future holds and all the projects I have planned and all the adventures this endevours will take me. 


On a more personal note, if anybody cares: I grew up in a small town in Michigan and graduated high school in 2004. I joined the Air Force immediately after high school and became a Nuclear Weapons Technician and was stationed out in Minot, ND. When I got out of the Air Force I came back home and after a few dead end jobs I decided to go back to school. I got my undergrad degree in Finance and am currently working on my MBA. 


In my free-time when I am not woodworking I love taking advantage of this great state's natural resources. I am an avid fly fisherman and love to hunt with my bird-dog Utz. I enjoy camping with my family, and also enjoy strumming the ol' six string around the house with a nice cold local brew. 





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